The Tenderloin Project Workshop #001

The first Tenderloin Project workshop took place last week over at the Community Arts Program in The Tenderloin.  This is the beginning of the final step for the project, whereby I’ll be donating supplies, time and materials back to the Tenderloin community on behalf of The Tenderloin Project.  This to aid in providing access to the arts for community residents.  CAP is the primary organization that I am going to be working with, and I couldn’t be happier that their incredible and important program is able to exist.  From their website:

Hospitality House takes great pride in its Arts Program. It is the only free-of-charge fine arts studio for homeless and poor artists in San Francisco. Each year, the Community Arts Program (CAP) offers more than 250 artists the materials and space necessary to create, house, exhibit, and sell their artwork. But more than the art that is made here, the CAP is a progressive and crucial component of the programs offered at Hospitality House because it helps relieve the intangible, private effects of poverty. For those navigating through the impersonal social service system, self-expression and imaginative talent can be stifled and ignored. The CAP exposes people to creative resources that would otherwise be unobtainable to them. These materials are the tools that provide an often-neglected outlet for creative freedom and, subsequently, they serve to enhance self-esteem and ambition.

Here are some photos from the first workshop that we did.  I’m so grateful for the response to the project and to see all of the creativity energy that has been added to the project.  My thanks to everyone who came out to participate, especially to Mike Kershnar and an extra special thanks to Ivan and Mini who run the program and made the workshop possible.

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  1. Mini Says:

    Thanks Sean !! That was a blast!!

  2. tiffany sue Says:

    great work to the artists! such different interpretations, excellent.

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